ORBIT – Aerial Hoop


Spin and swing! Your life came to a standstill? You feel numb and your feet have been kept on the ground for too long? It’s time to change orbit and turn your pole-dance routine in an out-of-this-world exhibition! How, you ask? With Orbit, we answer! Get over your trivia and try it! Our swivel makes Orbit turn like a spinning top and the tedious reality fades into a galaxy of colors and shapes, chosen by you, of course. Try it; your body will be in orbits!

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Aerial loops with swivel! Aerial Hoop by Apole completely customizable. Change orbit!

Technical specifications:
Our Aerial Loop ORBIT is created using certified materials that make it super stable but at the same time totally customizable. Despite being built with strong and non-deformable iron with 27mm of diameter, tinted with a special lacquering that doesn’t get damaged by buckles or podium costumes. Moreover, only with Apole, you can create it your own hoop “in your image and likeness” choosing colors, diameters and shapes.

a discount of 15% applies to ALL products!

Additional information


Fuxia, Green Water, Viola, White, Black, Gray, Celeste, Blue, Customized, Gold

Hoop internal diameter

D 75, D 80, D 85, D 90, D 95, D 100, D 105


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