Customer Assistance

We fell in love with you! Our products have a 2 years warranty, but our love is like “ and they lived happily ever after”. Our customers always have a advisor ready to answer your questions on installation, usage, gym design and pole dance classes.
We put our heart into it!


Delivery:Your sparkling amazing Apole-order will arrive at your doorstep as quickly as possible. Call us to book our VIP service: our (smiley) Apole-appointee will take care of delivery and assembly of your order, following your instructions. Your beauty will be ready to be used so soon you won’t believe it…so in the meantime …you can start stretching!


The date of the show is coming up but you don’t trust your shaky podiums?
We’ve got this!
We offer rental services for our super-products, including on-site visit, transportation, assembly, and assistance during the show and disassembly at the end of it
(paying a little extra our guys can also become your masseurs for the night).

Test Zone

Test zone: You don’t trust us yet? Let us show you! Come and have a try of our super-products and test their amazingness! Join us in the design and development of our products together with our experts and you will be the first one to try them! Warning: the test zone is located in Tuscany, land of great food, excellent wine and breathtaking landscapes…you might have problems coming back home.


Apole is not the typical e-commerce company, we take it personally! As each of your clients, every order is different and it deserves all our attentions and love. After having received a new order, Apole contacts our customer to explain the technical characteristics of products they just bought, while also checking the safety of the location where the products will be used. Lay back and rely on us, we are always available to give you the best advices on which product fits your needs. We lovingly call our products “technologically crafted”, perfect fusion between innovation and care for product customization. For example, we are able to deliver the Venus-pole of whatever height, diameter and colour you like ( an happy customer of ours wanted –and obtained- a exactly-her-hair-colour pole!).

Since we create only customized products, your beauty will be ready to be delivered in max. 10 days, while delivery could take from 6 to 48 hours.

Questions? Call us at 347 5012066!

A discount of 15% applies to all products!