Platform Kit – Flying Pole– Silk Pole

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Customize your platform with this optional.
Same equipment, small price, you can make countless variations on your platform by using silks
with your pole or a flying pole.

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Same equipment, small price, you can make countless variations on your platform by using silks with your pole or a flying pole. It only takes you few seconds to hang a silk or another pole on top, with no effects on stability of the platform.

  • Very easy set up
  • Integrated swivel
  • Infinite variations
  • Made in Italy

Frequently asked questions for choosing your platform

How do I customize the platform?2021-02-15T16:37:50+02:00

You can choose from 1000 colors for your platform, cone and base. You can select pole’s diameter and height, as well as switching mode (static/spinning).
You have also some optional to choose from: carry cases for platform’s elements, wheels to move the platform when assembled, flying pole kit and lollipop.

The pole is 305 cm high (320 assembled). What if my ceiling is shorter?2021-02-15T16:37:13+02:00

320 cm is the maximum height possible.
The pole needs to be 20 cm shorter than your ceiling to be assembled with the base. If you need a shorter pole we will cut it for you for free. With the option “customized divisible pole” you will get two parts of the pole: the bigger one for your indoor trainings, the extension for the outdoor use.

Do I need weights to fix the platform or removable legs?2021-02-15T16:36:33+02:00

No, Apole platforms are extremely safe with high standard stability, no matter how long the pole is.

Is Supernova platform easy to set up and carry?2021-02-15T16:35:58+02:00

The platform is easy to install (it only takes you few minutes to set it up) and easy to carry anywhere, thanks to handles an wheels.

How much are the shipping fees?2021-02-15T16:35:24+02:00

Shipping fees are 35 € for all parts of Italy, and with the actual promo you will get 15% off your order.

Are the poles static or spinning?2021-02-15T16:34:40+02:00

Our poles are both static and spinning. You can easily switch static/spin through screw (manual) or without any tool thanks to the fast switch.

What is the size and weight of the platform?2021-02-15T16:34:06+02:00

The platform is 68kg and the star shaped wooden base is 165-168 cm of diameter.

Which option is better? Manual or fast switch?2021-02-15T16:33:22+02:00

Both solutions are fine, you only have to choose the one that is better for you.
For a home use we advice you to go for the manual switch (the pole is cheaper ant it only takes 4 seconds to switch). For pole dance classes you can decide which is better for you: the fast switch allows you to easily combine static and spinning tricks, while the manual switch will save you some money.

What about delivery time?2021-02-15T16:32:40+02:00

7 to 15 days. Customization takes time, since each item is handmade.

Is the pole grip the same if I change color?2021-02-15T16:32:00+02:00

No, the material changes the grip (lacquered or stainless steel), but our patented system will grant the best grip ever with any color you choose.

Which material is better? Lacquered, stainless steel or chromed?2021-02-15T16:31:06+02:00

All Apole poles are lacquered or stainless steel made. For a home use we suggest a lacquered pole (cheaper and with a better grip). For professional uses stainless steel is better: they are used in competitions as well.

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