Lollipop Kit – Circle for Piano B

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Personalize your hanger with this option.
Your gym has bought you the only system to be able to make pole in that room, your PLAN B is fantastic, stable, spiny and beautiful, but you want more because you know that inside you you can create many more figures for yours. pupils? no problem, now for your performances and shows get the LOLLIPOP KIT as a gift to alternate with your routines on the pole, it can be assembled in a few seconds to leave everyone speechless for a long time.



Buy your circle, even in a different color than the pole, insert it and immediately start experimenting with new combos. get yourself hoisted in the air while you are on your Lollipop on the base and make your audience live a dream.

  • Very simple assembly
  • Any color and rim diameter
  • Originality
  • Impeccable pole stability
  • 2 year guarantee

Frequently asked questions for choosing your kit

How do I choose the right hoop size for me?2023-03-01T16:57:13+02:00

Sit on the floor, measure your height when seated, add 4 centimeters and there you have it: your inside hoop diameter!

Does your configurator measure the hoop by inside or outside diameter?2023-03-01T17:02:14+02:00

In the configurator, the hoop is measured by inside diameter.

What are the technical features of the single point hoop?2023-03-01T17:08:05+02:00

The Apole aerial hoop comes with a laser cut ring for an ergonomic grip and an incorporated swivel. Upon request, you can get a double point hoop or a hoop without a swivel.

Does the hoop color alter the grip?2023-03-01T17:18:12+02:00

No, our color lacquering does not alter the grip or make the hoop more slippery.

Is the hoop smooth?2023-03-01T17:16:00+02:00

Yes, all hoops come smooth so that you can pick your favorite wrap/tape according to your taste and habits.

What’s the delivery cost for your hoops?2023-03-01T17:20:03+02:00

The current promotion will get you a 15% off on your hoop, plus free shipping all over Italy.

Smooth, single or double point hoop: which is better?2023-03-01T17:34:42+02:00

It all depends on your habits and style: any option you choose, we can make it happen!

Here are a few facts that might help you pick your best option.

  • The single point hoop with an incorporated swivel is cheaper, and yet extremely versatile and safe. It offers perfect dynamism for horizontal movement paths.
  • The double point hoop adds great stability to all kinds of tricks and flows.
  • The smooth hoop is great for vertical movement paths.


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