B PLAN – Floor Anchored Pole

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OPS! If something went wrong don’t worry, Apole has a B plan for you.
This solution can work in any situation: if you had enough of pressure mounted poles, if your
ceiling is too high or if you don’t have enough space for a platform, Apole has an easy way to solve your problem: B Plan, a screwable pole to any kind of floor that takes only 3 minutes to set it up.

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Piano B è un palo avvitabile a qualsiasi tipo di pavimento e con soli 3 minuti di montaggio e la stabilità sorprendente di Apole è certificato per essere il teatro delle acrobazie di ben 3 polers!
Palo divisibile e avvitabile al pavimento, la soluzione giusta per ogni problema, in soli 3 minuti di montaggio.
Kit includes: screwable base, 305 cm divisible pole, dowels, screws, tools and certificate of
All poles are custom made. Choose the range of height of your ceiling in the price
configurator and let us know the exact size in the NOTE section during check out.

  • Free shipping in Italy
  • Customizable colors
  • Customer service included
  • Made in Italy
  • 2 years warranty

Technical Features:

– Certificate of compliance available
– high stability of the pole
– can be used by three people at the same time
– can be used on any floor (no underfloor heating)
– 20 minutes for the first set up only
– 1 minute for daily set up
– reinforced bearings
– reinforced internal thickness
– Nikel free coating on request
– static and spinning pole
– maximum height of the pole is 320 cm
– can be used with pole platform
– base plate 40 cm diameter
– supplied tool kit
– different coloured plate on request

Frequently asked questions for choosing your pole

Is the Apole pole a unique piece?2021-02-16T16:34:58+02:00

No it is divided into 2 parts already pre-assembled, the 2 pipes will arrive at your home, one of 2mt and the other long according to your order, join the 2 parts of the pole and it is ready for installation.

Will the pole fit together?2021-02-16T16:32:57+02:00

The Apole Venus poles have 8 cm of adjustment compared to the measure you will communicate to us.
Example: you requested 300cm pole, the actual measurement is 296-304cm

What is the minimum and maximum height that the pole can have?2021-02-16T16:32:07+02:00

Venus poles are built with the best materials on the market, with increased internal thicknesses and reinforced bearings.
All these excellences have allowed us to create poles of any height, from a minimum of 2 meters to a maximum of 7 meters.

Are Venus poles both static and spin?2021-02-16T16:30:28+02:00

Of course, our poles are both static and spin and you can switch between them either with screw locking, or with our instant locking.

Is it better to switch instantly or manually between static and spin?2021-02-16T16:29:36+02:00

Both valid solutions, but depending on the use of the pole we can recommend one or the other solution, of course the final choice will be up to you.
home use we recommend locking by hand (locking time only 4 seconds and lower cost of the pole).
For a Pole Course we recommend both solutions, an instant step because as soon as indicated to the students all will perform it; but also the passage by hand has advantages such as the negligible time for locking (4 seconds) but above all a considerable saving on the estimate for the purchase of many poles (money saved that can be used for good advertising).

What are the delivery times?2021-02-16T16:28:44+02:00

Apole builds your personalized pole in colors, diameters and heights, you can have all this craftsmanship by waiting 7 to 15 working days from purchase.

Does the color of the pole change the grip?2021-02-16T16:27:48+02:00

Absolutely not, the material changes the grip (lacquered or stainless steel) but our lacquering with patented system will always give you an excellent grip.

Which material is best for the pole? lacquered, stainless steel or chromed?2021-02-16T16:26:59+02:00

Apole builds poles either with lacquer or in stainless steel.
For home use we always recommend a lacquered pole (it has more grip and costs less), for competitive use then Inox must be your pole (in competitions the poles are all stainless, so to adapt, even in training the pole must be stainless).

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