Aerial Silks

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Between aerial hoops and flying poles you can also find colorful fabrics.

Our aerial silks are extremely soft and grippy, perfect for beginners too. Each set of silks
comes with a certificate and they can bear up to 950 kg.

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Silks lenght is customizable: you need to buy the right size for your ceiling: to find the perfect fit you need to double the height of the ceiling and add 2 more meters. (Example: you room is 5 meters high: you will need 12 meters of fabric). We reccomend to buy between 14 to 18 meters of fabric to get the best for your tricks and drops.
The fabric can be machine washed (delicate cycle) or handwashed, don’t use fabric softener and avoid tumble dryer.

  • Customizable colors
  • Customer service included
  • Made in Italy
  • 2 years warranty

Technical features:

– certificate of compliance available
– any color is possible
– 180 cm width
– very good material thickness for outdoor use (wind proof)
– perfect for indoor use

Frequently asked questions for choosing your fabrics

How many meters of fabric do I need?2021-02-15T16:30:17+02:00

To get the right lenght you need to double the height of your ceiling and add 2 more meters.
Example: for a 4 meters high room you will need 10 meters.

What are the main features?2021-02-15T16:29:45+02:00

Apole fabrics have a strong grip, nicely stretchable and windproof for outdoor use.

Does the grip change with the fabric color?2021-02-15T16:18:41+02:00

No, all colors have the same grip, thickness and elasticity.

What do I need beyond the silks?2021-02-15T16:18:07+02:00

It depends on the rigging place, but for sure you will need a screw carabiner to hang the silks at the ceiling and the figure 8 descender to save your silks from damages, extends your silk’s life and allows an easier and safer rigging.

Is the fabric certified?2021-02-15T16:17:35+02:00

Yes, most of our equipments come with a certificate of compliance.

What is the delivery time?2021-02-15T16:17:03+02:00

Silks are subject to availability, usually we ship your order in 24-72 hours.

Can I wash my silks?2021-02-15T16:16:30+02:00

Yes, fabrics are machinewashable but we don’t recommend using tumble dryer.

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