VENUS Poles are entirely made in Italy and they come with an original quality certification.

We employ highly qualified personnel during the production process.
Your pole will be as unique as you are, since you can decide any color, any diameter and any material that fits you at its best.

We can make any color possible, the same as your personal logo or even match your hairstyle, in this way you pole studio will be absolutely exclusive!

Our amazing poles have high levels of safety and are 2 year guaranteed.

The outer layer of our poles is called WOWgrip and will keep you glued to the pole in static tricks an won’t hurt your skin in drops and dynamic combos.

The stainless steel that we use is hand polished and it is so grippy that you can even practice with a pair of jeans.

Because of all these reasons, Apole products are highly requested for official competitions.

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    From: 345.00285.00
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    VENUS – Pressure Mounted Pole

    From: 454.00378.00
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    B PLAN – Floor Anchored Pole

    From: 690.00580.00
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