Apole platforms are made in Italy and they come with an original certification as well. They are highly stable despite the height of the pole: the highest of the caregory.

You can entirely choose your pole, cone and wooden base to make your platform as unique as you are.

The pole that will be on the platform can be up to 320 cm high (305 disassembled), with a special outer layer called WOWgrip and will keep you glued to the pole in static tricks an won’t hurt your skin in drops and dynamic combos.

The stainless steel that we use is hand polished and it is so grippy that you can even practice with a pair of jeans.

Professional poles have a rubber coating that provides the best grip ever. You can use them in any condition: they are waterproof and fireproof.

The metal structure of the platform is the only one with wheels and handles. It can be carried like a trolley, for an easy carriage and storage.
The star-shaped platform, (certified as well) wil make your practice and videos even more special. Its ergonomic sizes allow you to perform splits and coreographies on it.

Thanks to our experience we decided to make hardwood folding pieces (warmer at wintertime and cooler in summer), to make the setting of the platform as quick as possible.

Our platforms are lightweight, easy to assemble and certified to bear the weight up to three people with the minimum swinging.
Small optionals are available, such as wheels, Lollipop, Pole Silks, Flying Pole.

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    SUPERNOVA – Pole Dance Platform

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