Apole is not the same online shop: we care about our customers!
We surely know that each order is different and requires all of our attention.

After any order Apole will get in touch directly with the customer to make sure safety is guaranteed during its use.
We usually define our products “technologically handcrafted”: you can find high quality standards, and there aren’t two products that look the same, since every product is unique. Any color is available, any diameter or height is possible, your pole can even match your hairstyle!

With these levels of customization, we will need up to 10 days to work on your order, plus delivery time about 48 hours.
For any queries or doubts you can call us at +39 347 5012066

Customer service

Our products are all 2 years guaranteed, but our love will last forever! You will also have one of our commercial adviser ready to answer your doubts about setting, use, giving you advices about pole dance studios and lessons.
We care about our customers!


Your order will arrive directly to your door as quickly as possible. Call us to book one of our VIP service: our staff will take care of the delivery as weel as the setting at your place.
You only need to stretch your muscles!


No more wobbly platforms for your show! Our renting service includes previous inspection, transport, assembly, assistance during the show and disassembly.

Test Zone

Not convinced yet? Try yourself our products before the purchase, make sure they are right for you. Warning: since the Test Zone is only avalaible in Tuscany, get ready to try pole dance equipments together with delicious food, good wine and breathtaking views!


Would you like to transform your passion for pole dance into a real job? We will help you design your pole studio, to make it one of the best of your city: good looking, cheap and profitable! We have plenty of experience in gym management that will be precious for you.


Lacquered or stainless steel pole? Pole or platform? Inclined ceiling? Parquet or underfloor heating? We are more than happy to answer all your queries to help you decide the best option for you.


Apole will be your best choice for your competitions: super gripping poles with a flawless service during the comptetition, for a thoughtless event!

15% OFF

High quality and super customization


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